Hotel Zephyr

Trump Hotel Rooms here run between $143 and $179 per day. You can check what you want and when you want it and they will do everything they can to get it for you. The hotel is not a far walk or drive from some of the attractions of San Francisco. You can get a great view of the ocean too.
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Ritz Carlton San Francisco

Ritz Carlton HotelAnother high class hotel, The Ritz Carlton is knon for their extreemly nice rooms and sutis. A 600 sq ft room starts at $750. These are the highest of quality rooms you will recive at any hotel you travel to. For more information, go to

The Gateway Apartments and Townhomes

Apartment view These are some very nice apartments that offer 1 2 or 3 speerate rooms, a living room, a dinning romm, and a kitchen. A singel room is aound $1200, a double is around $1500, and you will have to call for details on a tripple room.For more information, go to

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