Ryan Planas
Mr. Greenlee
Web Design Period 4
20 October 2017

Sumary: Toyota isworking on a new type of car that can read your emotions, they are calling it the Concept-i. Concept-i estimates
emotion and level of alertness by reading the driver's expressions, actions, and tone of voice. It compares general information such as news on
the web with information on individuals such as social media activity, GPS information, and conversation history in the car, and estimates
the driver's preferences based on re-occurring topics that arise.

Opinion:  This kind of car can be good and bad. This car could cause distracetions and cause the driver to get in an accedent.
This new type of car could be benificial because it could tel you to calm down if you are driving angery.

Citation: Angela Moscaritolo, Toyota's Concept-i Series Can Read Your Emotions, October 16, 2017 1:15PM EST,
Toyota that can read emotions